PAWA - The Hinabi Project

The Hinabi Project is led by the Philippine American Writers & Artists, a 501c3 non-profit based in San Francisco, California. 

Check out the article in the Global Filipino “Pina, The Enduring Philippine Fabric” Launched at the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco.

Here are several links and videos about pina.


Spanish red pineapple - Touted as organic and unforgettable. The site highlights fabric benefits, fabric care, and pina fiber extraction. 

Pina Couture - Benjamin Fitzgerald, a fashion journalist based in Australia, writes about the pina's process and producers.


Philippine Design, textile, and fashion gala evening showcasing Patis Tesoro - video uploaded by the US-Philippine Society in Washington, D.C. in 2015. 


Iconic Fashionista - video uploaded by TFC Balintang America.


You may also want to check out el pina, el tejido del paraiso, a vimeo video about pina fashion in Spain.


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